Arcova supply a wide range of high quality covers and gratings with Standard Materials

The standard material is mild steel to EN 10025E-FE 430A/B. Hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 after fabrication.



Stainless steel to EN-58E grade 304/316 and aluminium to BS 435 grade 6063T6 other metals and combinations can be used. Please refer to our technical department for advice.

Assisted lift covers

Where ease and speed of opening is of prime importance, hinged units can be provided with gas struts or torsion springs which as standard are adjusted to partly lift the cover once it has been unlocked. Complete opening of the cover and it's closure is then accomplished under hand pressure. 

The pressure and type of gas struts used can be varied to fully open the cover automatically when the locking mechanism has been deactivated, requiring no hand pressure. The gas struts can be adjusted on site if necessary.


Unless specified otherwise all products will be galvanised to BS EN 1461 after fabrication. Alternative coatings can be applied to suit the aesthetic or performance requirements of the location. These are typically epoxy resin coatings for spark protection or resistance to corrosive atmospheres, or black bitumen coatings where economy is the prime consideration. A wide variety of coloured coatings can be applied to suit the appearance of the installation. Again, please refer to our technical department for the full range of options available. 

Decorative edgings

Recessed covers with the suffix BE or SE are available with high quality edging angle which is permanently  secured to the frame and cover. This option is increasingly a requirement where the cover and frame edge will be visible, and is particularly suitable for terrazzo, marble, vinyl, carpet and other high quality floor finishes. Brass (BE) or stainless steel (SE) is used accordingly to suit the preferred colour scheme. All brass and stainless steel edged covers are locked and sealed as standard.

Fire Ratings

Covers can be supplied that are independently certified to the requirements of BS476 part 20 1987 for fire exposures of up to four hours. Other specifications according to the degree of fire protection can be designed, please refer to us for further details. 


Hinged Covers

Units can be manufactured with the cover permanently hinged to the frame. This is often required for ease of handling and safety. All hinged units incorporate a safety stay to secure the cover in the open position 



Our standard method of sealing using high quality neoprene rubber will effectively and economically limit the egress of odours and gasses under ambient pressure from within the chamber or duct. This method will also result in the limitation of water ingress from above the chamber from run off water generated by washdown and rainfall. Pressure tight covers can be supplied for up to 1 bar back pressure.  For further advice, please refer to our technical department 


Recessed covers as standard use stainless steel allen bolts,  Solid top covers as standard  will have stainless steel machine screws to ensure a degree of security to prevent unwanted removal of the cover. For sensitive locations where the prevention of unauthorised removal is of prime importance, a variety of security fixings can be specified which rely upon removal by a special tool.  Please consult us for further advice.

Hinged Covers

Dependant upon specification hinged covers can be locked by machine screws (solid top) allen head bolts (recessed) or turnbuckle locks (either). For the complete range of fittings please refer to our technical office


Unless specified otherwise, covers above 450mm long have 4 no. lifting points (below 450, 2no.).

Covers for concrete infill:  

All non locked non decorative edged covers

Type 1 or Type 5 as preferred

All locked non decorative edged covers Type 2

All decorative edged covers locked as standard Type 3 or Type 4 as preferred

Bosses and gussets in the same material as the edging.


Covers for pavior infill  

All non locked non decorative edged covers Type 5

All locked non decorative edged covers Type 4

All decorative edged covers locked as standard Type 4

(in the same material as the edging). 


Solid top covers Type 6

For sealed covers a "cup" is welded on the underside to close the keyway.