Automated Fire Rated Access Cover and Frame

Arcova  design, manufacture and supply a full range of bespoke fabricated access covers in a range of materials namely galvanised mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium, with a host of specific options including hinged with manual or assist lift incorporating various sealing and locking.

The access cover shown below is required to suit a structural opening of 2500 x 3500mm and is situated in a fire compartment floor approx 8m above ground level – the opening is used for access to the first floor of the biomass energy centre on the Olympic Park. The cover requires 90 minute fire integrity and remotely opened on a daily basis.


As an industrial application the covers were manufactured from galvanised mild steel based on cost and aesthetics. Different finishes are available as site conditions dictate eg. Powder coating in standard RAL colours.


Factory quality test / mock up of a solid top, galvanised mild steel, hinged, fire rated, actuator assist lift access hatch.  

Arcova Reference: FPM 250 350 H N F2 MA



The cover measures 2800 x 3700 overall and weighs 1000 kg. Electric Actuators were selected as the preferred operating system due to ease of installation, maintenance and reliability.


Covers are delivered to site along with full hoisting, installation and operation /maintenance method statements.