Alumatic™ Aluminium Alloy Covers

Suitable for up to 5T SMWL

Aluminium Alloy 6063 T6 for lightness and surface finish


Up to 5 tonne wheel loads


For single units, duct runs and beamed multiples


High Quality, High Performance


Brass, aluminium or bright stainless show edges


Locked and double neoprene sealed as standard with option of adding third grease/neoprene seal


The extended Alumatic™ range of covers inludes:- 


       • Alumatic™ Recessed - Up to 38mm floor finish -  Up to 5T      SMWL

       • Alumatic™ Solid top - Up to 2.5T SMWL

       • Alumatic™ Parquet - Up to 30mm wood block finish - 1.5T SMWL

       • Alumatic™ Vinyl - Up to 6mm Vinyl  - 1.5T SMWL